We just raised $30M in a round led by Insight Venture Partners with participation from GV (Google Ventures) and Salesforce Ventures. Here’s how we plan to use it.

2018 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Hustle. Last month, we celebrated the milestone of 100M text messages sent from one person to another through our P2P texting platform. We’ve grown our customer base by 10X over the last year, and helped new types of clients, such as universities and non-profits, engage with their supporters to drive both long-term loyalty and timely fundraising goals. And we’ve been able to accomplish these goals because we’ve built a diverse team of more than 100 passionate and hard-working Hustlers, with more than 51% women and 48% of us identifying as non-white.


When we started Hustle in 2014, we set out to build a platform to help organizations humanize the way they communicate with people. We noticed that there was something uniquely human about texting, and we marveled how this simple messaging technology has transformed the way we communicate with our family, friends, and people in our communities. And we hypothesized that these personal conversations could open the door for organizations to make significant asks of people — their time and money — and revolutionize civic participation and voter engagement in the process.


“We set out to build a platform to help organizations humanize the way they communicate with people.”


We’re excited and humbled to see the amazing impact our customers have been able to achieve through one-to-one texting. With this new funding, we plan to invest in the following areas:


Improve the way Hustle serves large enterprises

The greatest opportunity for P2P texting is also the most challenging: serving the largest, most complex organizations that aim to achieve ambitious missions at a national or global scale. These organizations use Hustle to communicate with members and customers over long periods of time using many different teams of agents, and have important requirements around security, compliance, and user management.  We’re working to make the product work seamlessly for these enterprises across all levels of the organization, while preserving the core, highly personal experience of one-to-one texting.


Invest in robust integrations and analytics

Hustle works best when it sits alongside best-in-class data systems, so we are doubling down on providing real-time integrations with CRMs, payment systems, and other communication channels. We plan to improve Goals and our analytics dashboards to give you better insight into the performance and impact of your campaigns. And we are building out Hustle’s data team to deeply understand how conversations lead to action and conversions, and optimize our product around these best practices.


Enable new business use cases

The variety of use cases and kinds of organizations using Hustle has grown remarkably over the last year, and for-profit businesses are starting to take a cue from political campaigns and non-profits. Customers like LiveNation are showing the world the power of building personal relationships to engage prospects and turn one-time customers into lifelong fans. Sales and customer engagement teams have their own distinct set of needs when it comes to building long-term loyalty through texting, and we are excited to help our for-profit partners drive towards a new model of commerce that puts personal relationships front and center.


“We’re thrilled to see that organizations of all kinds are seeing the value of building meaningful, respectful relationships with constituents and customers alike.”


As we get to work putting this new investment to good use, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers. The creative and powerful ways our clients are using Hustle to drive action are what inspire us to build the best product we can. Thank you for putting your trust in us and coming along with us on this journey.