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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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Enhances Worldwide Organizational Connectivity

Advocacy requires connectivity. Depending on the nature of an organizations’ mission-based work, connectivity with supporters is maintained through multiple channels like phone, email, traditional mail, video conferencing, social media, peer-to-peer text, or all the above in some cases.

Advancing into 2022, many nonprofits, like PERIOD, a global nonprofit leading the menstrual movement, identify human-powered texting as the modern channel to manage and develop authentic engagement with over 300 chapters spread worldwide. Incorporating Hustle’s conversational peer-based text and video messaging platform into their internal communication strategy was crucial to increasing engagement and proactively informing their network about events, resources, and calls to action.

The impacts?

  • Almost 20,000 SMS and 4,000 MMS sent
  • 30% engagement rate