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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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Hustle: your
all-in-one communications platform

Tracking calls with spreadsheets? Teammates placing calls with personal numbers? Data not making it back to your CRM? Phone calls alone, not enough to hit your goals? Enter Hustle’s Dialer. Easy to use, easy to train, robust, and scalable to fit your organization’s needs and resources.

Seamless integration of voice and messaging

  • Whether you connect with your audience via a phone call, leave a voicemail, or send a follow-up text – communication activity lives in a consistent thread
  • Monitor and respond to all thread activity via the inbox in real time
  • Easily switch between calling and texting for each contact. Called, but no answer? Send a quick follow-up text before moving on to the next

Easy to use, easy to train, easy to engage your audience

  • Call mobile numbers and landlines within the same campaign
  • Admins have full visibility into all conversations in real time and can jump into conversations on behalf of team members as needed
  • Grant everyone or just a few teams access to Hustle’s Dialer

Robust data
and reporting

  • Know what’s working – and what’s not
  • Utilize your volunteers’ time efficiently
  • Dialer goals include CRM updates via Hustle’s integrations with Salesforce, NGP VAN, and Blackbaud

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We’ve also taken care of it so you can only text cell phones, so don’t worry about sending texts to landlines.
Yes. You can connect to Hustle’s Dialer using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
Yes. When setting up your Hustle Account you can choose the area code you want to place calls from. Your texts and calls will come from the same, local phone number.

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