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A new way to Broadcast messages

Short code is
coming to Hustle!

A new way to Broadcast messages

We’re giddy about the addition of short code capabilities coming to Hustle in January 2024! By adding short code, your team can streamline all of your texting (& phone banking) communications into one easy-to-use platform. Whether you’re already using short code elsewhere and are ready to consolidate platforms or want to scale your existing Broadcast text program to a higher sending volume – adding short code to your Hustle account will be a game changer.

You’ll have the chance to add short code to your Hustle account in early January once it’s available. We’re giving you a heads-up about it now because it’s important to keep in mind that the registration process for short code approval with the carriers takes 3-4 months. Let’s start the convo now and prepare you to diversify your texting capabilities with us!

Let’s talk about short code!