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Press Release

Hustle’s Peer-to-Peer Text Messaging Platform Propels Americans to Exercise Their Right to Vote

Supported over 1,500 campaigns, delivered more than 500 million text messages, and broke usage records

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The road to a political win is a long process. Candidates must persuade voters that they share their views on key issues and that they deserve their vote. Hustle, the company that invented peer-to-peer (P2P) texting, accelerated voter engagement in the 2020 political election. Today, Hustle is more widely used than ever before and broke usage records during the 2020 cycle from the previous two political cycles. In 2020 alone, Hustle supported over 1,500 campaigns and 31 state parties delivered more than 475 million text messages on behalf of Democratic campaigns, labor unions, progressive groups, and other clients. 

With a nationwide pandemic preventing organizers from engaging in traditional voter mobilization tactics like rallies and door-to-door canvassing, campaigns across the country turned to Hustle as a safe, effective, reliable solution to personally communicate with voters. In a year where voter suppression activity has been rampant and election rules have been changing by the hour, Hustle’s fast text delivery and powerful targeting features were used in battleground states like Georgia, Texas, and Pennsylvania for higher rates of voter contact. 

Hustle delivers real-time information and creates a two-way conversation between candidates and voters on voting rules, ballot drop-off locations, evolving voter registration deadlines in cities, counties and states, and more. Hustle has helped Democratic candidates humanize communication through text messaging—turning text messages into action.

“We entered 2020 with a companywide focus to prepare for this campaign season; scaling our platform, improving security, ensuring deliverability, and hiring new staff. We ultimately served more campaigns than in our previous history, and with 100% uptime and a super dedicated client support team, it was clear that our investment paid off. We firmly believe Hustle had a significant impact on the outcome of many 2020 races, and we couldn’t be prouder of the way we successfully served our customers at such a huge scale."

Steve Pease

CEO, Hustle

Hustle wishes congratulations to clients Jay Inslee for winning reelection as Governor of Washington; Sarah McBride on becoming the nation’s first transgender State Senator representing Delaware; Mark Kelly on winning Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat; Chris Coons on winning reelection into the U.S. Senate for Delaware; Nikema Williams, for her Congressional win, the first woman to represent Georgia’s 5th District; Ayanna Presley in her reelection race in Massachusetts, and Mondaire Jones for becoming the first openly gay Black Congressman for New York. 

Hustle worked with a variety of national, state, and local organizations, Democratic campaigns, labor unions, and progressive groups such as Let America Vote, Mobile Workers Alliance, Center for Popular, American Federation of Teachers, Democracy, and Environmental Voter Project. A staggering 8.8 million people were texted about registering to vote on the Hustle platform and over 1,500 political campaigns were serviced on the Hustle platform. The Hustle platform also sent 30.4 million state party messages and supported 31 Democratic State Parties from Congressional and Senate to local level propositions and measures such as network organization Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People and Families Movement (FICPFM) who worked on California Proposition 17—Restore Former Felon Vote and The Sierra Club establishing a National Texting Team of volunteers.

Congratulations to the Democratic Party, President-Elect Biden, and Vice President-Elect Harris. With the highest voter turnout in over 100 years, U.S. voters flipped red states to blue to create a historic White House win. P2P text messaging was a tremendous force in helping campaigns raise money, deliver information, and get out the vote.

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