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5 engaging text openers for political fundraising

The last few years have completely changed the fundraising landscape, with a 42% increase in online giving since 2019. This of course means donors are receiving more communications than ever before. And even while open rates decrease for emails and social campaigns see mixed results, text message read rates remain high at up to 98%, making text-based engagement a great strategy to reach more people, more effectively. 

As more political campaigns, nonprofit, and university fundraising strategies turn to virtual strategies to reach their constituents, Hustle is here with some top tips for grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention to drive donations. In this series, we’ll explore how each industry can lean into personalized text and video communications to increase connections and fundraising dollars.

Voters and donors get slammed each election cycle with general requests for their money and their time. By crafting a personal point of connection and incorporating video into your text-based engagement, you’re more likely to achieve your campaign goals.

Try these openers in your next campaign:

Ask for their opinions or questions regarding a certain issue or their priorities.
“Hey [NAME], I’m reaching out from [CANDIDATE]’s campaign. We’d love your thoughts on what’s most important to you for our [OFFICE] leaders to prioritize. What are you most passionate about for [OFFICE] to tackle in the coming years?”

Invite them to an upcoming campaign event so they can put it on their calendar.
“Hi [NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] from [CANDIDATE]’s campaign office. With the election drawing near, I wanted to make sure you knew about our upcoming [EVENT] on [DATE]. What issues would you like to see on the agenda? P.S. You can register here to join us and meet [CANDIDATE] IRL! [LINK]”

Share how close you are to your goal to inspire donations or canvassing.
“Hi [NAME], we’re just [X] points behind in the polls for this year’s gubernatorial race. I’m reaching out from [candidate]’s campaign looking for volunteers to help us close the gap. Would you be able to volunteer with us? Even 15 mins of phone banking could help!?”

Let them know how to find their polling location & early voting information.
“Hi [NAME], election day is just days away. I’m reaching out from the [campaign] team to make sure everyone has access to their polling place and knows what’s on the ballot. Do you have a plan to vote yet? If not, here’s some helpful info: [LINK]”

Share why the campaign matters with a video clip.
With Hustle Clips, you can share a video story directly in a message, which you can use to let constituents know what’s on the line in a more engaging way:
“Hi [NAME]. I’m reaching out from the [CAMPAIGN] team to let you know why I am running for [OFFICE]. As a [CITY/STATE] native, I have a personal understanding of what our community needs. As I gear up to hopefully take office this year, I’d love to hear what changes matter most to you, too.”

When crafting a successful fundraising campaign, it’s essential to create a personal connection with your community in the process. In doing so, you’ll not only increase the likelihood of a donation but also build loyalty along the way. And by using Hustle to reach your audience, you can use simple text messages as a powerful relationship-building tool to meet your fundraising goals.

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