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Accelerate Voter Engagement Through Relational Organizing with Peer-to-Peer Communication

peer-to-peer text and video messaging for political campaigning

Relational organizing involves mobilizing community change through our personal relationships and talking directly to one another about important matters. Since the 1970’s, relational organizing has helped move the hearts and minds of voters for campaign victories and change. It’s a powerful strategy leveraged by campaigns, organizations, and individuals for inspiring voters to GOTV. Now with the advancement of technology, mobile phones, and communication platforms like Hustle, relational organizing can be amplified with personal, authentic text conversations at scale within the networks of community organizations, voters, and volunteers.

To understand how to streamline relational organizing into your communication strategy using proven tools for driving authentic engagement at scale like peer-to-peer text and video messaging, we first must understand more about the concept and mechanisms that comprise successful and meaningful relational organizing on the campaign trail.

More on The Concept of Relational Organizing

Relational organizing does not change any principles behind engaging and encouraging voters to GOTV. On the contrary, audience engagement through personal networks adds a dimension to engaging and encouraging voters to GOTV capable of persuading undecided voters through credible sources of information in their personal lives. Organizing relationally can reduce the need for cold calling, door-to-door knocking, and email blasts launched into the furthest reaches of the internet void. In their place are real conversations where people can be honest, personal, and vulnerable about what matters the most because of a pre-established connection.

Hustle for Relational Organizing During Your Next Campaign

Opposed to extremely exhausted channels like phone, or email, communicating via text is America’s #1 preferred channel, and an engagement opportunity not worth ignoring. With the help of Hustle during the 2020 election cycle, Democratic campaigns, progressive groups, and other clients sent over 475 million texts sent between voters and organizers. Agile, responsive, and personal engagement empowers candidates, staff members, and volunteers to resonate with voters and inspire them to take action by slicing through the noise of rival forces and other channels bombarding your audience daily. Here’s how Hustle helps communicate your mission in volunteer networks and turn out your base:

  • Volunteer Recruitment: Provide tools and information to your network to attract more volunteers to fill specific positions and needs of your campaign. Send more texts, make more calls, send more emails, or knock on more doors with advocates for your mission.
  • Fundraising & Donor Engagement: Continual engagement with peer-to-peer text and video messaging enables organizations to secure new and repeat donations and maintain relationships with your contributors by keeping them actively engaged.
  • Voter Engagement & Persuasion: Troubleshoot for your audience or answer questions that matter the most to your community on a 1:1 basis. It doesn’t get any more personal and direct. Mobilize constituents to support your campaign, volunteer, and vote.

Benefits of Using P2P Text for Relational Organizing

  • Higher turnout rates
  • Increase contact rates
  • Increase donations
  • Better conversion rates
  • Expand contact universe

P2P: The (Not So) New Relational Organizing Toolkit Go-To

In 2020 alone, Hustle worked with progressive groups across the nation to empower them for success through text and video messaging. Here are some results of organizing relationally through peer-to-peer messaging:

peer-to-peer text political campaigning

Sarah McBride for Delaware State Senate

The McBride campaign sent 14,000 messages to 9,000 contacts and had a 13% response rate.

P2P text messaging for campaigning

Jon Ossoff for Congress

After using Hustle for GOTV, Ossoff ​received 48.1% w/ total turnout exceeding that of the 2016 Presidential Primary for CD6.

P2P for political campaigning

Nikema Williams for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District

Used​ Hustle ​to ​efficiently ​and​ effectively​ reach her entire universe of voters and host texting parties to generate interest, sending 74,637 texts to 52,478 constituents, with over a 12% response rate.

peer-to-peer text and video messaging for political campaigning

Mark Kelly for Arizona US Senate

During​ the primary they sent approximately 53,000 messages to 31,000 voters and had a 22% response rate.

Hustle peer-to-peer text messaging

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

The Pennsylvania Democratic party used Hustle for ballot chase, volunteer recruitment, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) ​2020.​​ The ​party ​sent 436k messages to 255k voters and had a 29% response rate.

Hustle Into Your Next Campaign Win

No more hours spent dialing countless contacts only to reach a voice mailbox. No more emails getting trapped in spam folders. Instead, use your time and resources to nurture conversations through preexisting relationships. Your organization already has the connections needed for higher contact rates. Gain insight into campaign performance, target audience engagement, conversations, and next best strategic steps to accomplish your goals using Hustle. Do not underestimate the power of a 1:1 channel of the moment platform.

Contact us today to request a demo and start learning more about peer-to-peer text and video messaging for earning the support of thousands during your next campaign. Together let’s create positive change.

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