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Agility Test: Peer-to-Peer Texting for Growing Your Organization

In the world today, agile communication tools are an operational essential. We saw just how true this statement rings during recent catastrophes like the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack. Whether an organization faces routine or sudden shifts in working dynamics, the key to traversing and mobilizing action towards a solution is connectivity amongst your network. 

Maintaining connectivity with your audience hinges upon flexible, easy-to-use tools that reach your target without getting lost in the daily flux of inbound message bombardment. Hustle’s peer-to-peer text messaging platform is a secure and responsive tool for personal, authentic conversations that build and strengthen relationships and connections with community members through America’s #1 preferred communication channel.

“Outreach Agility?” What’s That Mean?  

Mobilizing for agility means using tools enabling groups to increase audience intelligence, promptly break down dense topics, share important reminders, or call supporters to action. It also means minimizing time-consuming hassles for outreach like designing graphics, creating long-form messaging, or managing multiple operating systems. 

Are you interested in learning more about peer-to-peer text for driving engagement, connection, and action at scale? Then, download our new, free paper delving deeper into P2P for agile outreach, featuring customer testimonials, visuals examples of our platform, and much more. 

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