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Announcing Hustle’s Dialer

Can you hear me now? Hustle is excited to introduce our newest innovation:

Hustle’s Dialer, a modern calling application that saves you time by seamlessly connecting calling and texting efforts.

Now, you can use the Hustle platform to text, call, and use conversational video – all in one place. After months of refinement and testing, we’re proud of this easy-to-use interface that will improve audience participation in the same platform as other Hustle features like Broadcast, video, and person-to-person texting.

What’s great about Hustle’s Dialer?

Looking to increase voter engagement beyond a text conversation? Follow up with a phone call! Calls not getting picked up? You can use Hustle to track all your conversations in one place and to make more calls, faster. We’ve even seen clients double the number of calls made per hour using our new feature.

The newly introduced Dialer is a great tool for companies, nonprofits, unions, and academic institutions that are looking to build an engagement strategy that combines texting and phone calls. The feature allows users to track engagement with a single audience member across channels and allows for real-time analysis of that engagement, allowing you to improve relationships without having to worry about the manual tasks that come from typical data collection.

Dialer’s key features

You can use Hustle’s Dialer to:

  • Make calls to landlines and mobile numbers
  • Make calls using local area codes
  • Maintain a consistent thread between calls and texts
  • Make calls on any device (computer, phone, tablet)
  • See and analyze robust user data to make insight-driven decisions about your audiences and campaigns
  • See call data broken down by who’s answered, who didn’t, and even which lines are no longer in service

Get access to Hustle’s Dialer today!

If you’re ready to check out the dialer, give us a ring. Existing Hustle clients can reach out to their Client Success Manager to get started, or send a note to [email protected]. Not hustling yet? Fill out the form at, and our sales team will get in touch ASAP!

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