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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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Announcing Hustle’s Script Assistant

Since our founding in 2014, Hustle has been focused on a singular mission – to empower organizations to humanize communication.

We believe that in an age of automated and impersonal communication, real humans are the best advocates when it comes to sparking conversations on behalf of nonprofits, businesses, governments, schools, political campaigns, and any other type of organization.

The reason is simple: people build genuine relationships with other people that will never be duplicated by chatbots or AI, no matter how realistic and powerful these systems get.

But the question remains: how can we use this new technology to better enable these connections? Like many companies, we have been investigating the capabilities of these so-called “Large Language Models”, like the stunning work of OpenAI’s ChatGPT,  to determine whether they can help our customers become successful.

For Hustle, the central question is how these new AI technologies fit in with our mission of humanizing communication and our focus on empowering relationship workers – like organizers, fundraisers, engagement officers, volunteers, and salespeople.As we explored the possibilities, we came to a basic conclusion. Hustle should treat AI like we do other technologies and use AI to let humans scale their efforts and become more successful, not to use AI to replace humans.

Which brings us to our announcement today – Hustle’s AI-powered Script Assistant. Script Assistant allows Hustle Admins to simply describe what they are trying to achieve in a script with their own words – even in Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog – and Script Assistant will automatically draft a script suggestion for them.

Using Hustle’s script assistant, admins can modify or tweak these suggestions as they wish, or generate additional suggestions. Script Assistant also supports different tones – like formal, informal, comic, and poetic – to match the vibe needed for a particular audience.

In our own tests, we’ve found that Script Assistant is a fun way to help Hustle Admins with the number one question we receive – “what makes a good texting script?” While many of our Admins are seasoned texting pros and can come up with engaging scripts effortlessly, texting is a new channel for many Admins and it’s not always easy to come up with script ideas. We’ve packaged the insights gleaned from delivering more than 1 billion messages into the Script Assistant, so that suggestions are engaging and follow best practices.

Script Assistant also works for video in addition to text scripts – it can assist with prompt suggestions for Personalized Clips, to help agents say something engaging into the camera when they are personalizing a video message for a contact. There are few types of communication as powerful (and unmistakably human!) as receiving a personal video from someone, and Script Assistant makes crafting these personalized video campaigns even easier.

What has made Hustle’s clients successful over the past nine years is the partnership between the amazing people who work and volunteer on behalf of our clients, and Hustle’s reliable and proven technology that makes 1:1 outreach fast, personable, effective, and scalable. To that end, we’re excited to implement a new technology that will help these folks be more engaging and more successful.

We’re excited for you to play with Script Assistant. Let us know what you think or join Shea Waldron (VP, Client Success) for a lively webinar on Wednesday, May 10 (1pm PST/4pm EST) to see Script Assistant in action >> REGISTER HERE

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