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Fundraising 101: Optimizing Your Peer-to-Peer Texts For $uccess

peer-to-peer texting for fundraising and nonprofits

In 2020, COVID-19 crippled most nonprofit organizations’ ability to access their support networks in-person. Fortunately for newer advocacy groups up to large nonprofits advancing into 2021, peer-to-peer text serves as a year-round connectivity tool and fundraising solution, especially for groups dedicated to organizing at a safe distance for all as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to rollout across the US. With many operations shifting into an all-virtual environment to continue fundraising efforts during this time, peer-to-peer text is the next best option for delivering your asks to supporters in a personal and non-invasive way.

Audience engagement through peer-to-peer text is a modern-day lifeline for pooling resources during this challenging time. To help you optimize your outbound messages to your supporters, this article will explain more ways you can optimize your replies for fundraising success in 2021.

Optimizing Your P2P Fundraising Replies

Simplify decision making with call-to-actions. Make it easy for your support network and compel them to give. For example, include specific dollar donation amounts in your call-to-action messages.
Leverage time through deadlines. Your peer-to-peer text message campaigns have a finite start and endpoint. During this duration, including helpful donation deadlines creates a sense of urgency and keeps your organization a topical interest.

Build trust with custom links. The opportunity to reach out via text is a personal experience for your audience. In this time, build trust with your supporters during fundraisers by embedding custom links for donation pages or additional resources. Custom links are important for performance tracking, and they are helpful in not leaving a negative, spammy impression.

Be Mindful and Meaningful About Texting. After your fundraising asks launch, let them resonate with your audience before springing into your follow-ups. Do not overdo it and stick to no more than two reminders.

Fundraise with Hustle

At Hustle, we believe adding new tools to your outreach processes should be easy and quick, so you can launch campaigns and get real-time results. Below is a list of ways we enable your nonprofit to keep the funding coming, regardless of COVID or other obstacles standing in your way:

  • Donations Made Easy. Point, click, donate! With Hustle, you can easily include those customs links we mentioned earlier in this article to help make contributing to your cause as quick and easy for your network as possible.
  • Learn Donor Behavior. As we mentioned before, one-to-one conversations are personal. Audience members are more likely to tell you more about their involvement in your organization in a private conversation. These types of conversations grant your team the opportunity to learn more about who supports you, why they advocate you, and ways you can help build more trust with them as we proceed into the future.
  • Segment, Target, Fundraise! Maybe you have more than one target audience. With Hustle, “the more, the merrier” for your fundraising, as our platform empowers your organization with fully customizable messages you can tailor for a single group or a network of different audiences.
  • Performance Monitoring. Let no text go to waste. The Hustle platform includes robust reporting with key performance analytics like conversation logs, so you can target specific messaging that converts and outperforms other scripts that may be in use. Hustle optimizes your peer-to-peer outreach so you, and your audience, find value and an informational return in every text, every time.

Peer-to-Peer Text for Fundraising Simplified

Fundraising presents many challenges. The way you connect with your audience for support should not be one of them. Hustle removes bottlenecks and complexities many organizations face with their connectivity to audiences, especially as the world continues battling COVID-19. Let us help you streamline your outreach process for your next fundraiser with text because, with it, you can accomplish anything from troubleshooting to registration reminders, event promotion, and so much more.

If you have any questions regarding peer-to-peer for fundraising, please contact our team today and let’s talk text!

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