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Hustle at Texas Democratic Convention 2022

We’re excited to continue our summer event tour at the Texas Democratic Convention this week in Dallas.  Come see us at Booth 400!  This year marks the first time the party has held an in-person convention since 2018, including a three-day convergence of the state’s Democratic leaders and thousands of delegates seeking to hone a midterm message undoubtedly centered on abortion (overturn of Roe v. Wade) and gun violence (Uvalde Shooting), that galvanize dissatisfied Texan voters to make a change. 

Mobilizing concerned citizens to get out and vote is at an all-time high as we quickly approach midterm elections, especially following the state’s Republican shrug to recent shootings, including the killing of 19  students and two teachers in  Uvalde. Our team is thrilled to join the conversations this week, learn from Democratic state leaders, and share more about how many progressive political platforms across the country use Hustle’s texting for political campaigns to connect with voters and encourage honest conversations with supporters that enhance various aspects of their campaigns in innovative ways.

More About Texas Democratic Convention 2022

Texas Democrats use this biennial convention as a meeting ground for thousands of delegates from across the state to debate and officially certify the party’s candidates for statewide office. This convention is also an opportunity for Texas Democrats to grow excitement around Democratic nominees and continue persuading voters straddling the fence.

Who Will Be There?

Here’s a snippet of the guestlist appearing at the convention:

  • U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke
  • Sen. Royce West, Dallas
  • Rep. Chris Turner, Grand Prairie
  • U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, Dallas
  • U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey, Ft. Worth
  • Reverend Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III
  • Sen. Nathan Johnson, Dallas
  • Congressional nominee and current state Rep. Jasmine Crockett, Dallas

Hustle In-Action

Here’s a glimpse at how Hustle’s texting and video messaging solutions help political candidates seeking to optimize their campaign trail for success:

Build Your Team

  • Volunteer base
  • Small-dollar fundraising  
  • House parties &  fundraising events 
  • Message testing 

Find Your Supporters

  • Expand Persuasion/ID Universe
  • Re-solicit Donors 
  • Ramp up Volunteer Recruitment

Text Out the Vote!

  • Ballot Chasing 
  • Multiple Passes of your GOTV Universe 
  • Confirm Election Day Volunteers 


  • Build your GOTV Volunteer Team
  • Finish 2nd pass of your Persuasion Universe
  • Ballot Chasing 
  • Early Vote GOTV 

Get the Word Out

  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Pledge chases 
  • Persuasion texts to swing voters 
  • ID Low Propensity Voters  

Meet Hustle In Person!  

We look forward to meeting new and familiar faces this week during the Texas Democratic Convention to share more about how to incorporate Hustle to create an effective texting schedule to drive engagement, connection, and action at scale.  To meet with our team in-person, come by Booth 400 or contact  Director of Political Partners, D’Shawna Bernard ([email protected]), or let’s continue the conversation around any other questions regarding Hustle’s text and video platform.

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