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In a Subscription Culture, How Does Your Communication Plan Stack Up?

The 21st-century manufacturing economy is shifting the focus to delivering services instead of products. The pandemic accelerated this shift to delivery services and along with it a tidal wave of subscription boxes. The power to fully stock your home with any and every need, from beauty care products to the pantry, to eco-conscious worldly goods and all in between is intoxicating. Not only have apps like Instacart revolutionized the way we shop, but with subscription business models we can now rely on a monthly delivery of whatever we desire and need. From shaving and birth control to indoor plants and meal prep. According to Forbes article “B2B Subscriptions Will Grow In 2021, But Is Your Business Ready?”, paid subscriptions are on the rise. They spiked to 40% higher than the pre-COVID-19 baseline and will continue to experience explosive growth. How vastly are people addicted to their subscriptions. Welcome to the subscription economy!

The subscription-based business model sparks many questions. What does this mean for your business as you strategize and plan? What more is there to think about and focus on as you meet the demand of the “new normal”? How does this impact your marketing and communication strategy and initiatives? By transforming into valuable service providers, companies see the importance of loyalty programs and memberships, especially where competition is fierce. And let’s be real… it is just about everywhere. Subscription options, regardless of industry, are plentiful. Staying top of mind is crucial and innovative engagement is a must. In an IG Story on Tik Tok culture, reaching customers on their preferred medium (mobile devices), is non optional. Personalizing your communication is a standard. Creating engaging, captivating messages is expected. So what’s a marketing team to do? Enter Peer-to-Peer messaging.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) messaging, a term coined by Hustle the leaders in the space, is the ideal communication tool for businesses connecting with their customers, members, supporters, partners, and influencers in real-time leveraging real data. And it is exactly as it sounds. A way for brands to personalize and engage with their audience (Peer-to-Peer) directly in the palms of their hands via texting and video messaging. Text and video empower brands to reach their customers with the right conversations at the right time. Here at Hustle, we understand the importance of being able to connect on a personal level and work with hundreds of organizations representing different industries. Showing your customers that you’re paying attention to their shopping habits, preferences, likes and dislikes, are the key components to building strong customer relationships, word-of-mouth and ultimately leading to increased revenue.

So, what kind of things can text and video be used for? EVERYTHING! No seriously, EVERYTHING! Both formats play into the IG TikTok culture helping your brand stay relevant and better connected. For example, Hustle can be used for things like:

  • Membership Alerts. Offer a concierge-like service and personally notify your VIP with those four magic words they love to read, “your package has shipped”.
  • Member/Subscription Offerings. Use audience intelligence and audience segmentation to extend special offers and upgrades based specifically on audience preferences.
  • Credit Card Capture. Send a personal message to those with approaching credit card expiration dates. Based on psychographic information, throw in an offer that both updates credit card information and gets you an upsell.
  • Product Updates. Say it with video. Show off your products. Demo multiple uses. Use it in conjunction with your social media, maybe even highlight real customers and influencers.
  • Registration. Have a special event, limited time offer, special friends and family, and/or text registration links directly in the communication to increase engagement and action.
  • A/B Test CTA. Imagine being able to A/B test messaging, imagery, CTA and anything else you desire in mere minutes instead of weeks.
  • Gain Customer Insight. With analytics and reporting, gain customer insight. Hear and see what really resonates.

At Hustle we work with a multitude of businesses helping with their membership outreach. We understand with business success comes the added challenge of keeping up with communications and most importantly keeping it personal. Are you ready to extend your brand reach onto mobile? P2P communications helps you scale your business outreach and communication engagement.

Trusted for our compliance and security. Loved for our analytics and reporting. Let’s talk texting, turning your text and video into action!

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