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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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New Year, New You: Create Engaging, Immersive, and Personalized Experiences with Hustle Studio Video Messaging

We’re quickly approaching the new year, and thanks to video communication tools like Facetime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, and numerous others, we’re all not so slowly adapting to the effectiveness of video communication in both our professional and personal lives. Hustle Studio’s a peer-to-peer video messaging tool that offers nonprofits, political platforms, educational institutions, commercial brands, and others the special opportunity to create more immersive, informative, and overall engaging experiences for their networks through personalized conversational video messaging.

peer-to-peer video messaging

Hustle Studio is not a video conference tool. Like Hustle’s peer-to-peer texting platform, Hustle Studio is a web and mobile app used to send personalized video messages through a 1:1 channel to reach and resonate with your target audience. To see Hustle Studio at work, we’ve put together the below sample video messages showing a few of the many ways video and conversational peer-based messaging drives authentic connectivity.

Hustle Studio At Work

Advocacy and Nonprofit: Mobilize your community for action by bringing them closer to your cause.

peer-to-peer video messaging for nonprofit fundraising

Commercial Subscriptions: Become a storyteller and create sensory experiences to engage new and returning customers.

peer-to-peer video messaging for engaging customers

Education: Reach fans, students, and alumni.

P2P video messaging

Other Uses of Hustle Studio:

Informative Engagement: Send short bursts of practical tips, lists, surveys, templates, and to build trust and gain credibility.

Peer-to-peer video messaging engagmeent.

Peer-to-peer video messaging about a cause, event, or promotion often allows organizations to offer even more value and utility to members, supporters, donors, and advocates, but where do these messages come from? Unlike bot-blasted SMS texts or GIFs from 5-digit short code numbers, Hustle Studio video messages come from a 10-digit phone number because an actual human is reaching out in real-time. Real-time video messaging offers supporters a direct and transparent information exchange and brand experience, electrifying your work and keeping audiences excited for what’s next.

Hustle Studio for Accelerated Supporter Engagement

If you’re a current Hustle customer, contact your Client Success Manager and ask how Hustle Studio can assist with reaching out to your network. If you’re new to Hustle, welcome! Contact us today and request a demo, or send us your questions about peer-to-peer video stories. 2022 is your time to start turning text and video messaging into action.

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