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Promote Engagement and Drive Results Through Optimized Peer-to-Peer Text Messages

In an optimized communication strategy, everything is purposeful. From a tweet on Saturday morning to a peer-to-peer text, each piece of content reaching target audiences is a valuable opportunity to be considerate, consistent, intentional, and optimized around an objective for your mission-based work. Optimizing peer-to-peer text messages sent to target audiences means structuring each message to include specific elements designed to inform, engage, and inspire action by enhancing organization-to-supporter communication regarding your work.

No two people are the same, and peer-to-peer text helps organizations celebrate their unique relationships with community supporters, volunteers, and members through authentic conversations that drive engagement at scale. Hustle considers text and video message optimization a best practice for mobilizing support because it allows organizations of all sizes to create consistent experiences for their networks of advocates and supporters. Continue reading to learn practical ways you can optimize each outbound text message for success.

Elements of Optimized P2P Text Messages

When you think about mobilizing action through conversational peer-based text and video messaging, two words should immediately come to mind: “consistency” and “variety.” While those are important aspects of reaching and resonating with supporters, here are the core elements of individual text messages crafted for success:

  • Structure. Remember, the purpose of texting your audience instead of emailing or calling is to share short bursts of valuable personalized information through a private channel rarely, if ever, ignored. Phrase your message to address the “why” upfront with audiences. Immediately communicate why they need to engage and take action.
  • Cadence. A well-calculated rhythm of personalized outbound text messages is necessary for continuing education about your cause. Messaging cadences also help target audiences anticipate important announcements and plan for involvement with upcoming events, fundraisers, and more.
  • Tone. Start by identifying a group of core phrases and statements supporting your objectives that serve as a foundation for your outbound messaging. Regardless of who you’re texting, consistency in what’s being said and how it’s worded help organizations develop credibility, create hollistics experiences, and avoid confusing audiences.
  • Personalization. One of the most valuable aspects of peer-to-peer text and video messaging for driving engagement, connection, and action at scale is the ability to personalize messages far beyond simply including a first name. Including messages of thanks and supporter-specific questions about current or upcoming events help ensure responses.
  • Media. P2P messaging as an outreach channel enables organizations to create an immersive new experience for their community of supporters through personalized videos, surveys, graphics, infographics, and much more. Diversifying the types of media shared in your conversational peer-based messages grabs viewer attention, nurtures more memorable experiences, and improves organization (and cause) recall.

Optimized Peer-to-Peer Text Messages At Work

Elements: Tone, Structure, Personalization

Elements: Tone, Media, Structure, Personalization

Elements: Tone, Cadence, Structure, Personalization

Hustle Helps Optimize You For Success

Flexibility, security, compliance, analytics, and support. Working out of these core principles, Hustle empowers various organizations, including big brands and universities, to unions and advocacy groups to reinvent communication strategies by having authentic conversations with the right people at the right time through text and video messaging.

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