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Scalable Communication: Retail Engagement With Thumb-Stopping P2P Text Messaging

What do Facebook, CNN, Petco, IKEA, FentySkin, Tommy Hilfiger, and Glossier all have in common? Despite their native industries being so different, these commercial titans all employ SMS marketing in their communication strategies to new and returning customers. As we continue through 2022, organizations and commercial businesses of all sizes are tapping into additional communication channels, like peer-to-peer text, to promote new products and services and build long-lasting relationships. But before we go further, stop and consider the fundamental rules of creating thumb-stopping conversational peer-based communication:

  • Rule #1: Treat customer phone contacts carefully and with consideration.
  • Rule #2: Be consistent with a thoughtful messaging cadence.
  • Rule #3: Be intentional in your messaging.

Think about your mobile device. Do you give your number out to every person or business you encounter daily? Not likely. Part of that’s because your phone number is sensitive material, serving as a direct and undisturbed 1:1 channel to your attention. In 2022, offering text messaging as one of several forms of communication with consumers has become a significant customer expectation. Today we’ll discuss ways peer-to-peer texting can increase sales, enhance the retail experience, and help your commercial brands understand target audiences in greater detail.

Ways P2P Texting Enhances Retail Experiences

  • Customer Communication. Too often are direct messages and emails to customer service contacts overlooked, eaten by spam folders, or responded to days later after you’ve already found an expensive or time-consuming alternative solution. Generally speaking, peer-to-peer text and video messaging help brands drive more direct conversations about the products and services bringing value to customers’ lives. Opening a direct communication channel to your audience signifies someone’s “at the door” of your virtual storefront, ready to make new fans or strengthen pre-existing relationships. While peer-to-peer texting may not be the channel for resolving order issues, it’s the ideal channel for sending  personalized messages about upcoming product releases, giveaways, annual sales, subscription renewal reminders, etc. 
  • Customer Appreciation. Send thank-yous. Offer discounts to newly subscribed members. Send a free eBook detailing your products or services. Conversational peer-based text messaging helps retailers create memorable customer experiences by letting brands communicate appreciation for patronage or interest. 
  • Drive Sales. Remember, 99% of SMS marketing campaigns are read*. Thematic graphics, gifs, memes, or videos. Custom discount links. Teaser content announcing your next big service or product. Time-sensitive offers. Exclusive freebies only available to text subscribers. Hustle’s web and mobile platforms help brands drive sales by following up with leads faster, integrating pop-up sales, or echoing special promotions, all focusing on scaling to win by creating engaging conversations that turn new customers to repeat buyers. Nurture customers with conversations.
  • Target Audience Marketing. Text messaging conversations serve as valuable opportunities to convert and provide critical insights into your marketing’s effectiveness. Real-time analytics and performance metrics like seeing who’s opening your messages, clicking through, and converting help commercial brands optimize communication strategy by making better-informed marketing decisions. 
  • Encourage Foot Traffic. As consumers return to stores during COVID-19, peer-to-peer text messaging followers is a great way to drive foot traffic to your store(s). Share special promotions or event announcements only available to text subscribers worth them adding a visit to your store on their next to-do list. 

P2P Texting: A Two-Way Street

Hustle text messages get sent  from real humans using real numbers. We now know most people respond to a text message much quicker than an email or phone call, so retailers must understand the two-way street created with customers when they introduce themselves via conversational peer-based messaging (Rule #1).

That said, it’s time to talk about text-back tempo. The general rule of thumb is the quicker the turnaround, the better. Whereas an average email replay takes maybe 12 – 16 hours, crossing into the texting medium lends itself to five or six minutes after you’ve gained their attention. Consumers will expect that same quick turn-around.

Remember The Data!

Hustle helps you segment customers into frequent and occasional shoppers or shoppers based on demographics to help you fine-tune your messaging. Tracking engagement on texts based on CTRs and ROI can also help you assess what your customer responds to and how to tweak messaging for the future.

Hustle Into Next-Generation Commercial Texting

Many consumers rarely read email blasts in detail from retailers. Instead, those messages are easily overlooked, end in spam folders or disappear during mass email deletions. On the other hand, peer-to-peer texting is an excellent option for sharing short bursts of important personalized information through alerts and notifications, mainly because it’s a closely monitored and immediate medium.

“Customers are thankful to know that there’s a real person behind our event invitations and are always flattered that we care enough to send them text reminders – yes, we want you there!” Iuliia Velikaya, Lead Talent Advocate | PowerToFly

Hustle’s web and mobile platforms put analytics and reporting at your fingertips, giving you insight into campaign performance, target audience engagement, conversations, and next best action steps. That means more of having the right conversations with the right people at the right time.

Let’s start a conversation today about how Hustle’s conversational peer-based messaging platform can help optimize your organization or commercial business’ communication strategy.  Let’s start turning text into action.



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