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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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The Surprisingly Simple Reality Of Using Peer-to-Peer Text

Your organization has important messages that give customers, partners, or supporters information to advocate for your mission. But when you email your audience, how do you know your messages grabbed their attention? In the wrong communication channel, your messages can quickly get consumed in the “black hole” of email, phone, and the recycling bin of mailers. In the right channel, your message bypasses the traffic, reaching audiences faster, helping to educate, inspire and mobilize groups for action. Conversational peer-based texting enables nonprofits, businesses, and electoral candidates to communicate simultaneously while fundraising, mobilizing, and cultivating meaningful relationships with target audiences right where they are; texting on their phones. More groups are gravitating to Hustle’s peer-to-peer text messaging and video platform as an additional layer of their communication strategy because it’s easy to use. Creating a conversational platform that simplifies several daily operational aspects enables customers to focus more on what matters most; nurturing connections with their audience and growing the movement.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have; that’s why human-to-human texting works as the ultimate time-saver, consolidating the multi-step email campaign or telephone banking process into short bursts of helpful, personalized information that slice through the noise of other outreach channels. Today we break down the surprisingly simple reality of getting started and using Hustle’s texting platform in your day-to-day outreach.

Peer-to-Peer Text: Easy As 1, 2, 3

Hustle requires no more than 24 hours to implement and start sending actual text messages to your supporters. In three quick steps, your team is engaging on a 1:1 basis with a personal touch from your organization:

  1. Define Your Goals: Set a measurable goal for every campaign to track the impact of your messages, whether you’re driving event attendance, fundraising, or re-engaging contacts.
  2. Create Your Script: Create fully customizable scripts to make it easy for your team (however big or small) to talk to customers or constituents.
  3. Start Texting: Our desktop and mobile app allow your team to text 1000+ people an hour. Your contacts see a regular SMS or MMS from a local number.

Who Do You Text?

While the Hustle Customer Success Managers are available to help you optimize your text messaging campaigns and contact list for success, generally speaking, organizations and businesses use our platform to send messages to:

  • Advocates, Donors, and Supporters
  • Members
  • Event Alumni
  • Customers
  • Prospective Students
  • University Alumni
  • New and Returning Volunteers
  • Decentralized Employees

Other audiences for P2P messaging are people who have:

  • Recently abandoned their cart
  • Donated in the last 18 months and requires a unique follow-up.
  • Purchased VIP tickets
  • Provided phone number in a petition

My Team Started Texting. What Next?

  • Continue the Conversation: Conversational peer-based texting allows your team to gain real-time responses during private conversations with each contact. Respond to questions, provide more information, and mobilize action.
  • Build Connections: Create truly personal moments with your audience without invading their privacy through authentic interactions that humanize your organization.
  • Track Your Results: Our easy-to-use interface helps you quickly track goals, manage contacts, and view conversation histories.

More Ways Hustle’s Text Messaging Platform Helps You Save Time

  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Customizable Scripts
  • Tailor messages with agility for every situation
  • Tagging & Custom Fields

Use P2P: An Easier, More Effective Communication Tool

Hustle simplifies outreach. Built with security, compliance, analytics, and support at its core, Hustle’s web and mobile platforms turn text into action by driving engagement, connection, and action at scale. No more long-drawn-out email cadences. No more hang-ups or countless voicemail recordings. Use an easier route to build and strengthen relationships and connections with customers or community members. Use Hustle.

Contact us today if you have questions about conversation peer-based texting, and let’s turn text into action today!

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