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Using Texts to Mobilize Nonprofit Supporters for Events

Texting is a quick, easy way to engage supporters 1:1 or over broadcast to increase event participation.

In-person events, especially those with a fundraising focus, are critical to building and maintaining an engaged community of supporters for nonprofits. From building outreach lists to increasing registrations to properly equipping participants to raise funds and attend, it takes a well-coordinated effort to ensure things run smoothly from start to finish. The good news is that having a strong communications plan, especially one that incorporates text messaging, makes it easier to plan and execute nonprofit community events like races and walks, annual meetings, or even virtual event-like fundraising efforts at the end of the year.

As you build your next text-based events strategy, consider these opportunities:

Use Hustle Broadcast for high-level messaging

If you’re sending an initial invitation to RSVP or a general update on an upcoming event to a large group of people, consider Hustle Broadcast, which enables users to send 1,000s of texts in just minutes.

For example, the National Brain Tumor Society knows that event shirts are important to participants in their Race for Hope DC and wanted to notify them of their upcoming t-shirt deadline. To do so, they sent a Broadcast message to those who had already received a recruitment message which included a link that saw 141 clicks out of ~4,000 texts sent. Learn more about the ways the National Brain Tumor Society utilized text messaging for their events by checking out this case study.

Use peer-to-peer texting to check in with team leaders and update fundraising goals

Successful fundraising-based events like walks and races rely heavily on the efforts of many different participants and fundraisers; individuals, teams, and volunteers. When Susan G. Komen was looking to reach more participants and find volunteers for day-of event needs, they utilized 1:1 text messaging to get the job done. 

By connecting with potential volunteers and fundraisers, the Susan G. Komen team saw success in two important areas. They were able to fulfill their logical needs for day-of volunteers, and fundraising participants who received texts of encouragement raised 1.5-3x more than the average walk participant!

Share live updates on day-of details

One certainty that every event planner knows to be true is that you must be flexible when it comes to planning. If you’re facing last-minute changes to start times, location, or other logistics based on disruptions like poor weather forecasts – texting registrants is an easy way to reach them promptly. When time is of the essence, and participants must receive details of the change(s), texting is the quickest and most reliable way to relay that information.  

Support other communications with text-based follow-up

Text message comms don’t have to live in a silo! Here are a few examples of how text-based follow-up can deepen engagement rather than acting on its own:

  1. Send an initial invite to all past participants via text, alongside emails and a physical mailer
  2. Send last-minute tips via App Push Notifications supported by text reminders and emails to attendees
  3. Share a link to additional information via text to support brochures and other mailers

Texting can be an essential asset for nonprofit events. By integrating text messaging into your tech stack before events, you can find new ways to deepen relationships with supporters, increase funds raised, and deliver an exceptional events experience.

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