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Our Favorite Ways to Use Video in Text Message Marketing

Videos are essential to your text message campaigns

The best engagement  strategy is to communicate with your audience where they naturally get their information, like the channels they socialize in and engage with the most. With the average person watching around 100 minutes of online video content daily, there are tons of opportunities for your organization to get more visibility through video messaging.

In fact, people are constantly craving more visibility into the brands they like. That brand connection helps them feel a part of something bigger and can also give them reasons to be proud of and connected to the organizations they support. 

Video messaging does just that, while adding a personal, more human quality to a brand that makes it even easier for people to relate to. That human connection and depth of information that draws people in allows video marketers to get 66% more qualified leads per year—because of more human-to-human connections. 

Yes, your written communications still reach your audience…but a video message will also create an instant level of trust because you’re establishing a relationship with the viewer. 

On the commercial side, viewers can also see the product in use and know it works as described. 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. But we’re not talking about just any videos, people want to gather information from you quickly and in a format that entertains. 

With audiences’ use of video as a trusted research source, one effective way to boost your SMS marketing and outreach campaigns is to add video messages to your text marketing strategy.

What are video text messages?

A video text message contains very short video clips or video stories that are added to your text marketing campaign to inform, invite, entertain, and connect with your audience. 

Video text messages are quickly becoming a favored form of communication due to their ability to engage and connect both the sender and receiver. This gives brands a new way to easily showcase their cause, product, or service within a brief video.

So, why do videos draw more attention?

As more people are looking for transparency and connection from the brands they support, they also seek more detailed information and trust signals from newer brands they interact with. On top of that, they want their information quickly. 

A video message:

  • Is straightforward because the intent of your message is clear by including voice inflection, emotion, body language and eye contact.
  • Creates trust because your audience can see the actual product in action or easily relate to your passion about a cause or issue.
  • Provides integrity by showing the real people behind your brand or the faces of the people who support your brand. 
  • Is faster and easier than reading because consumers can gain a lot of information quickly and it’s possible to clarify items that require lengthy explanations through visuals. 

How to use videos in text message marketing campaigns

From brand awareness and education to increasing customer engagement, including video in your text message campaigns is a smart move for any organization. You also don’t want to overdo it. So, stick to the situations where video shines. 

Our favorite ways to use video in text message marketing:

Storytelling: Create connection and clarity when telling your brand story. Help to convey the “why” behind your mission and connect with your audience around shared values. Because consumers can hear your voice and understand your emotions, this tactic helps build brand loyalty.

Testimonials: Grow trust by sharing clips of video stories from real people. This adds a more personal touch to your organization and what it provides or represents by allowing customers to see themselves within your brand.

Event Promotions: Create excitement for an upcoming event by sharing a glimpse of a past event, what to expect at the new one, sneak peaks, and even special offers for attendees. 

Impact Summary: Share key points or a summary of a presentation given at fundraising events to expand your reach to supporters that weren’t able to attend. 

Class and Meeting Alerts: Stay in touch with students and colleagues about events, cancellations, and agendas to communicate important information quickly.

How to boost SMS campaign results

When it comes to creating texts for SMS marketing, it’s essential to focus on three things: quick information, humor, and showing the human side of your brand. That makes your brand personable and believable. You can increase your customers’ engagement with your brand and with your message by asking them to take an action — whether it’s a brief reply, a website visit, or a signup. And, as you see above, adding brief videos within your text marketing campaign also convey trust, integrity, and the intent of your message more clearly than a standalone text. Those memorable little videos may also be exactly what consumers decide to share, increasing your reach and credibility.

At Hustle, we’ve made it easy to create and send personalized, in-message video for all your text message marketing campaigns.

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