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Highlight Herstory: Women’s March Foundation Drives Voter Engagement With Defend Democracy Project

Women’s History Month is here. We like to celebrate by showing gratitude to womens’ nonprofit organizations using Hustle to lead the way for change. Following the January 6 United States Capitol attack, The Women’s March Foundation (WMF) began a countermovement, Defend Democracy Project, to expand voting rights in opposition to insurrectionists and the far right. Hustle helps power this initiative through our human-powered texting platform, which the organization uses to recruit volunteers, strengthen voter relationships, and lead more people to the ballot. 

Women’s History Month Celebrations

This month, recognize fierce and fearless black, brown, indigenous, white women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community advancing many of the nation’s social justice movements while breaking gender and racial barriers in the process.  Here are ways you can celebrate all women trailblazers  this month:

More About Women’s March Foundation

WMF is a women-led nonprofit organization deeply rooted in affirming our shared humanity and freedoms in the U.S. with people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations, disabilities and backgrounds.  WMF’s work is all-encompassing, engaging with issues from women’s rights and health care to climate change and the American wealth gap.  Strengthening elections by engaging more voters, raising awareness, and mobilizing action cement the Women of America’s message when facing the far-right agenda and residual events of The Capital attack: “We will not go back.”

Hustle’s proud to help fuel WMF’s mission-based work towards strengthening the nation’s progressive spirit of solidarity with peer-to-peer text and video messaging used in voter engagement outreach programs like the Defend Democracy Project.  This movement empowers volunteers with resources to contact the 9 million who relocated during the pandemic and host monthly voter registration events across the country. 

Hustle Celebrates Women Trailblazers 

Conversational peer-based texting helps forward-thinking organizations like WMF keep the conversation going with new and returning voters and volunteers throughout the year.  Check out the work being done by WMF and get involved.  We, as citizens, vote for leaders that represent our ideas and support our interests. We the citizens, we the power. 

If you have any questions regarding Hustle’s conversational peer-based text and video messaging  platform, contact us today.

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