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To connect with their inbound web leads and lapsed customers, Live Nation tested a Hustle text against standard phone calls. For two campaigns, Hustle could be attributed to 10x more pipeline vs phone, $1.1M in opportunity value, and $48K worth of revenue from new customers.

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“The speed in which we were able to do outreach was unbelievable. In about three hours, we made almost $5,000. The amount of time that took was nothing, compared to the time we spent on phones. I’m pretty impressed at the results we saw.”

Brendan Jones, UNC Athletics

“Phone calls are the most effective way to make a sale, but no one picks up the phone. Texting is the most effective way to get a hold of someone, but people don’t want to give out their credit card number over text. Combine the best of both worlds. Send a text to prompt a phone call to make a sale.”

Matt Seagall, Temple Athletics

“The reason I had confidence in this is because with the affiliation factor and the affinity our fans have for this program, there’s an instant trust when someone is reaching out representing that brand.”

Ryan Youngs, University of Oregon

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