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#23NTC Recap: Best Practices for Nonprofits Looking to Make the Most of Technology

Thank you to everyone who visited us at #23NTC this April. We had a blast sharing the opportunities that person-to-person texting and video messaging can open up for nonprofits. We shared best practices for boosting engagement and learnings from the robust data we’ve collected over the last few years of Hustle-in-action.

As many of us continue to exist in a hybrid environment where we experience events, content, and community remotely more often than before, it’s essential for organizations to integrate efficient and effective tech into their outreach. Person-to-person texting can bridge this gap by meeting audiences where they are most frequently: with their phones. And with AI and texting technology advancing more rapidly than ever, we were proud to join you all at NTC to learn and grow together.

We were thrilled to see the range of sessions and conversations taking place, from HRC’s Texting for Equality Session to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s session on fostering inclusive fundraising, and are excited to share our key takeaways with you, below:

What is #23NTC?

NTEN’s conference, known as the NTC (Nonprofit Technology Conference), is an annual gathering of nonprofits that are looking to upskill their use of technology. At the NTC, attendees have the opportunity to learn essential nonprofit technology best practices and connect with like-minded community members.

Key Takeaways from the NTC

Supporter Engagement

  • We saw a huge focus from attendees on ways to boost supporter engagement. Questions ranged from how to best use the different engagement tools in your toolbox by coordinating email, direct mail, and texting; to generally integrating broadcast or person-to-person texting into their strategy. Great tips from session leaders include: start integrating texting around major events, adding different use cases over time like soliciting feedback, sharing breaking news, or making a call to action.

Data & Technology

  • Technology integration was a major theme at the NTC this year as nonprofits have started focusing more on using data to inform their engagement strategies. We heard a lot of conversations and sessions focused on testing everything from who to partner with, how to use QR codes, to how long a supporter text should be to drive a high response rate.

AI Integration

  • The opportunities presented by quickly evolving generative AI, and simpler forms of machine learning, can work wonders for nonprofits. Organizations that typically run on tight budgets can always use a more efficient tool, which is where AI comes in. And when these tools are combined with the uniquely human touch that organizers bring, they can empower teams to function more effectively. Mass texting campaigns are a great place to integrate these emerging technologies, like with Hustle’s new Script Assistant.

Integrate Technology Into Your Engagement Strategy with Hustle

As supporter engagement becomes more and more digitized, nonprofits are facing a big period of transition to integrate new technology into their strategies. And once they’re integrated, these technologies enable teams to spend more time on building community and relationships. Nonprofits are well-positioned to take on these new tools by bringing a personal and human touch to digitization that starts with a supporter-focused strategy. 

If you have any questions about how Hustle can support digitization for your team or the NTC conference, please book time with our team to see Hustle in action!

Thanks for everything, NTEN! We’ll see you next year.

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