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Case Study: Grant Peeples Promotes Live YouTube Special Using Hustle

“Telephone lists aren’t dead! Using Hustle, I realized how many  people I have as a phone contact that I DIDN’T have as an email contact or that weren’t on social media.  I think texting works quicker anyway –  act now, do it now, don’t wait.”

— Grant Peeples  

In the grassroots of it all, mission-based work hinges on an individual or  group’s ability to spread the word, engage advocates, and mobilize action.  Grant  Peeples,  a Florida-based performing artist, and creative socio-political force, recently spoke with our team about his experience using Hustle and how Peeples-powered text and video messaging helped drive awareness,  engagement, and attendance to a live YouTube broadcast on the anniversary of the deadly January 6th, 2021 Insurrection on Capitol Hill.  

Learn more about how Grant Peeples’ used Hustle: Free case study!

Who is Grant Peeples? 

”Peeples is unusually honest, unusually literate.  He’s the only songwriter I have ever thought to call “ruthless”…. ”  John Conquest, Third Coast Magazine  

Grant Peeples is a Floridian Singer-Songwriter with a sharp wit, known for his socio-political tunes and ballads.  Here’s a snippet of Grant Peeples resume:

  • 10x studio albums
  • 3x live recording albums
  • 2x poetry books

His YouTube broadcasts, “Clay Tablets Series,” began in 2020 in response to events spiraling off of the global pandemic, Presidential Election, and social unrest. The broadcasts include a variety of art, music, poetry, photography, current events, and Peeples’ philosophical takeaways.   Peeples leveraged Hustle to promote his Youtube Broadcast by sending  over  7K texts out, with a 47.5% engagement rate with supporters. 

Texting  Solutions  to  Drive Authentic Engagement

Here’s another chance to download the Grant Peeples case study and learn more about how his organization leveraged text and video messaging with Hustle to engage with new and old supporters through personal conversations leading to action, or in Peeples’ case, live broadcast views.
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