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Digital Campaigning Tools for Simplified and More Meaningful Political Organizing

This week general elections take place across the country, and if there’s one thing Hustle knows about political campaigning, it’s how important having the right digital tools are for accelerating voter engagement and breathing new life into a universe of contacts to keep an audience engaged for what’s next. In the 2020 Presidential election, Hustle assisted over 1,500 campaigns and 31 state parties. In that time, more than 475 million text messages were delivered on behalf of Democratic campaigns, progressive groups, and other clients. 

Digital political campaigning tools (like peer-to-peer text messaging) serve candidates today as complementary channels to door-to-door canvassing or traditional mail. Candidates now reach even further into the palm of voters’ hands via human-powered texting to strengthen relationships with community members and mobilize real-time action. Whether the need to communicate is for an upcoming fundraiser, to persuade swing voters, or recruit more help to nurture a grassroots movement, many campaigns like that of Sarah McBride (Delaware State Senate), Jon Ossoff (Congress), and Nikema Williams (Georgia’s 5th Congressional District) among others leverage Hustle’s conversational platform to turn text messages into action. 

During the November 2020 election, the McBride Campaign implemented a technology-focused communication strategy through P2P text banking with Hustle instead of traditional phone banking. Our platform led Sarah to win 90% of the vote in the primary. To date, Sarah’s team has sent 10,689 texts to 8,188 constituents, with a 12% response rate. Here’s what Phoebe Lucas, McBride Campaign Manager, said about using Hustle on the campaign trail:  

“We chose Hustle because the platform was user-friendly. It was an essential tool that helped us leverage sophisticated targeting across our organizing program, which helped us win 90% of the vote in our primary, and ultimately led to Sarah winning her seat in Delaware’s state senate.”

How Hustle Makes Digital Campaigning More Robust

  • 1:1 Connection: Human-to-human conversations help reiterate and promote the values of a campaign.
  • Agility and Flexibility: Start, stop, or pivot personalized messaging as changes occur along the trail.
  • Ease of Use: Hustle Admins and Agents can manage supporter outreach and volunteer engagement through  one convenient mobile platform.
  • Streamlined Outreach: Hustle integrates seamlessly with other communication channels important for organizing.  
  • Single-day implementation: In a world where there’s seemingly not enough time in a day, need we say more?
  • Captivating Media: Hustle and Hustle Studio allow candidates to diversify the media shared with audiences. Images, videos, surveys, and unique links help voters in campaign and call-to-action recall. 

P2P Texting Compels Americans to Turn Out and Vote 

As seen by the McBride campaign, conversational peer-based texting continues to drive Americans to get out and vote. Impactful voter outreach by leveraging an orchestration of digital campaigning tools, including conversational peer-based messaging to share short bursts of personalized information, is quickly becoming a best practice for progressive groups across the nation. At a lower cost and much broader reach than door-to-door canvassing or phone banking, peer-to-peer text can also help campaigns drive those unlikely voters to cast their ballots and join the movement. It all begins with a text. Let Hustle help your organization uncover and embrace the benefits of using conversational peer-based messaging to drive voter engagement and get out the vote. 
If  you have any questions about Hustle or Hustle Studio and how we can help optimize your next campaign for success, contact us today!

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