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Drive donations to your nonprofit with these engaging initial text message scripts

Since 2019, online giving has seen a 42% increase. We’re also experiencing an overload of digital communications, which shows no sign of slowing down. But there are a few avenues that are still seeing high engagement rates, like text messaging, which sees up to a 98% open rate.  But how can your nonprofit be sure you’re making the most of your text-based campaigns?

Nonprofits depend on community engagement more than anyone else. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your outreach by utilizing personalized, timely text messages like the following:

Share a milestone or outcome from your work
“Hi [NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] from [NONPROFIT]. I wanted to share this video with you from the [ENGAGEMENT] last month, which donors in our community funded. We’re getting ready for our next giving campaign, and would love your support to continue [type of work you do] [LINK TO DONATE].”

Invite them to your next event
“Hi [NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] from [NONPROFIT]! Have you registered for our 5K Fun Run on [DATE]? There’s still time to join us and race for [CAUSE]. Are you planning to join us?”

Let them know how close you are to your fundraising goals
“Hi [NAME], [nonprofit] just needs 10 more donations of $20 to meet our goals for our current campaign. Can you help us cross the finish line? Here’s the link in case you know anyone who might be interested in contributing: [LINK].”

Ask them to spread the word or recruit more volunteers
“Hi [NAME], thanks for volunteering at our last [EVENT] with [NONPROFIT]. We’re gearing up for our next big event and are looking for volunteers to [ACTION]. Can we count on your support, and do you have connections who might be interested in volunteering?”

Ask for non-fiduciary donations.
“Hi [NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] at [NONPROFIT]! We’re collecting warm clothes and other essential items for [AUDIENCE]. If you’re cleaning out your closet or have anything to donate, you can find our drop boxes at [LOCATIONS]. Thanks for all your support.”

Use Personalized Clips to connect on a deeper level with individual recipients
Send a 15-second personalized video with a script like:

“Hi [NAME], [YOUR NAME] here at [NONPROFIT]. I wanted to thank you for engaging with us and announce that we’ve raised [AMOUNT] during [CAMPAIGN]! Do you want to learn more about how we’ll use these funds?”

As more political campaigns, nonprofits, and university fundraising strategies turn to virtual strategies to reach their constituents, Hustle is here with some top tips for grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention to drive donations. Our tools include P2P and Broadcast text messaging, and our suite of video products includes Clips, Personalized Clips, and Hustle Stories.

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