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Hustle Sponsors 25th Equality Federation’s Leadership Conference

Hello Minneapolis! This week Hustle’s proud to share that we’re a participating sponsor of the 25th Equality Federation’s Leadership Conference 2022, taking place July 20 – 22 in Minneapolis, MN. The issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community and organizations doing innovative movement-building to address them have helped shape Hustle’s purpose over the years. Our tiny yet mighty team at Hustle is composed of various identities across the country. We belong to a multitude of communities, many including the LGBTQIA+ community. We stand in solidarity with organizations building movements that generate a progressive voice and contribute to progress, which is why we launched Hustle For Good. We can’t wait to hit the floor this week, mingle, participate in workshops, and share insights on Hustle’s text and video messaging platform for advancing nonprofit communication strategies.

The Equality Federation 

Equality Federation is an advocacy, social justice, and capacity-building organization serving and supporting state-based LGBTQIA+ advocacy organizations in the United States.

More On The Leadership Conference 

Every year a collection of over 250 leaders from Minnesota’s LGBTQ+ state-based movements, national partners, and major funders convene to share best practices and engage on the challenges and opportunities facing the community. 

Hustle’s Text and Video Messaging Breakout Session

For those attending, make sure you join our team’s panel discussion Thurs, Jul 21 @ 1:45 pm CST! Hustle’s VP of Client Success, Shea Waldron, and Head of Marketing, Alden Schell, will be joined by Kathryn Poe, Public Policy & Digital Manager for Equality Ohio, to discuss “Video Content for Social Media + Texting.” 

Hustle For Good 

Hustle for Good is our community social initiative contributing more to social progress by empowering organizations to advocate for justice and mobilize action within their communities. We’ve committed to granting 1M SMS messages annually to nonprofit organizations working to advance work in the following areas (among others):

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights
  • Disability Inclusion
  • Environment
  • Food Insecurity
  • Gender Justice
  • Disaster Relief 
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Racial Justice
  • Youth Services and Empowerment

Meet Hustle IRL at The Equality Federation Leadership Conference

Will you be at the Equality Federation Leadership Conference? Let’s Hustle for Good together! Contact Hustle’s VP of Client Success, Shea Waldron ([email protected]), who will be on the ground this week at the conference, sign up here, and we’ll reach out to you with next steps, or contact us if you have any other questions regarding Hustle’s text and video messaging suite. 

out to you with next steps, or contact  us if you have any other questions regarding Hustle’s text  and video messaging suite.

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