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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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Hustle & Labor Unions

Unite your members and drive action with the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) texting platform for Unions

The success of the labor movement has been rooted in its ability to innovate and evolve, while simultaneously maintaining connectivity, nurturing relationships and mobilizing action with its members and supporters- not an easy feat. With the emergence of texting as a preferred communication channel, P2P communication has rapidly become an integral tool for Unions. As the leading P2P texting platform for Unions, Hustle is reshaping how Labor connects with their members and supporters, complementing traditional organizing tactics with the latest technology and tools.

“[Our] affiliates across the country are using Hustle to engage members in a positive conversation about the future of our union, and to recommit them to our shared vision. We’re finding that Hustle is an extremely effective way to have authentic conversations and mobilize members in the face of a major moment for Labor and working people.” — American Federation of Teachers

I’d like to use Hustle at my Union, who should I text?

When deciding who should receive a message from your Union, we recommend reaching out to the following audiences:

  • Members: Reaching members is one of the best ways to use Hustle. Hustle is a great tool to reach and engage members in back-and-forth conversations.
  • Non-Members/Potential Members: Hustle allows you to reach potential members that you may have not been able to access in other ways. With dispersed workforces and limited face time, establishing ongoing communication is key!
  • Community Members/Voters: Engaging community members or voters is also an effective way to build support outside of your membership. When it comes to Unions, we all know that elections matter!

What can I use Hustle for?

Deciding how your union will utilize Hustle is crucial for success. Here are some effective uses:

  • General Member Engagement
  • New Member Organizing
  • Member Leader Development
  • Event Attendance
  • Voter Engagement & GOTV
  • PAC Fundraising
  • Contract Bargaining
  • Legislative Calls

With both a dedicated Labor Client Success Manager and a support team, we are invested in providing your union with the knowledge, resources, and technical support needed to successfully engage with your members and supporters. Want to learn more? Reach out to our Labor team today!

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