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Quick Guide: Better Understanding Hustle Performance Data for Driving Engagement 

Hustle adds depth to an organization’s outreach strategies through powerful analytics and reporting that offer insight into conversations, campaign performance, target audience engagement, and next best action steps.  After you’ve launched a text or video messaging campaign, Hustle helps groups uncover valuable nuggets of information, offering more transparency of audience behavior and interests as they relate to your work.  The campaign performance data retrieved by Hustle holds massive opportunities for our customers, and this article will help you understand Hustle data and some of the terminologies you’ll often see as you dig intothe data.  

Understanding Your Hustle Data

  • Hustle Actions are at the org and group level and include contact information for contacts marked as yes or no. 
  • Hustle Messages are at the org and group level and include contact information, agent information, and inbound and outbound messages from prospects and reps.
  • Hustle Contacts are at the org and group level and include all contact information imported into Hustle in addition to tags added and opt-out information.

Topline Performance Metrics 

Hustle Admins can track campaign engagement rates, the positive action rate, and the opt-out rate of their contacts and use this data to improve performance.  Admins can also follow the raw total of messages sent and received by Agents. This information is visualized in a table broken down by day within each campaign. 

  • Messages Sent: Total number of messages sent in your organization.
  • Messages Received: Total number of replies received from prospects.
  • Engagement Rate: Percentage of contacts that have responded to a text message.
  • Lead Action Rate: Percentage of contacts that have been marked as a positive action by agents.
  • Opt-out Rate: Percentage of contacts that have opted out from receiving future text messages.

Hustle Story (Video Messaging):

  • Opens: percentage of supporters who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers.
  • Plays: Total number of times your video starts to play.
  • CTA Clicks: Percentage of supporters who click through the image or line of text to  take a specific action.
  • Play/Open Rate: Percentage of supporters who visit or see the video that actually press play.
  • Click/Open Rate: Percentage of subscribers who open a specific video message out of your total number of subscribers.

Hustle Reports:

  • Agent Report: Review and download data on the performance of your agents.
  • Opt-Out Report: Review and download data on opt-outs across your organization.
  • Tag Report: View how frequently tags have been applied.
  • Timing Report: Analyze response and opt-out rates by time of day and day of week.

Other Important Hustle Terms:

  • Goals: Goal Types structure the conversation for your Agents that include best practices and features so you’ll be more successful using Hustle.
  • Agent Progress: Admins can track progress in real time for every Agent in their Group. They can see how many messages were sent, how many are left to send, and the number of actions being recorded by each Agent. 
  • Conversation Review: Admins can review the conversations of Agents in real time to coach them and if necessary capture data the Agent may have missed. 

Hustle: Here to Support Your Next Campaign 

Our platform is trusted for its compliance, security, analytics, and relentless support.  Whether you have a general question or technical issue, we’re here to help: 

  • Our FAQ knowledge center is packed with visual how-to guides: 
  • Email our support team for a quick reply to any technical issue you’re having: [email protected] 
Modern Relationship Management With Peer Texting Solutions 

Engaged supporters are more likely to follow and participate in your work and share your work with other people. Let Hustle help you get the word out about your next event, fundraiser, or broadcast and scale to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a demo or start a conversation about our peer texting and video solutions. Now’s the time to start turning text into action!

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