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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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Maximizing Civic Engagement In An Election Year With Hustle

Peer-to-peer texting has had a huge impact on voter turnout in recent years.

These one-off engagements work well for large-scale broadcasts when you’re trying to mobilize large groups of people. And as we enter an important election year, it’s an exciting time to think about how we can engage constituents in more personal, productive ways over text. By utilizing the tools on the Hustle Platform, government leaders and NGOs can reach potential voters faster and more effectively.

Organizations looking to deepen support and voter engagement can utilize Hustle Broadcast, Video, and person-to-person texting to build and execute campaigns of all kinds.

If you’re looking for inspiration, consider the following use cases:

  • Mobilize your members: As volunteer opportunities and events arise, try texting your members to meet organizational objectives.
  • Legislative advocacy: Share a call to action for constituents to contact their representative, post on social, or get involved in local efforts.
  • Rapid response: In the wake of new legislation, election results, or Supreme Court decisions, text messaging is a great way to mobilize action in support of or against these updates.
  • Electoral action: Voting is still an essential part of civic engagement, so it’s important to continue texting community members about voting, getting registered, and staying informed on issues they care about.

This November, it’s more important than ever to activate voters, volunteers, and community members to use their voices and their votes to influence the future of our country. In addition to canvassing, utilizing social channels and emails, and making calls, advocacy and government organizations can increase civic engagement through broadcast, video, and person-to-person texting.

If you’re looking to start texting constituents, you can schedule a demo with our sales team here.

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