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Introducing a new way to use Hustle Broadcast

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Meet Hustle Broadcast: New Mass Text Solution with SMS, MMS and Video Stories!

It’s here!  After months of development, we’re thrilled to debut the next 10DLC compliant texting solution in the Hustle platform: Hustle Broadcast.  Broadcast messaging provides organizations with another avenue for texting within the platform.  Now you can send texts on a mass scale.  The main difference is that admins can send thousands of messages with one click instead of having agents send each text.  Any responses are sent to a shared inbox accessible within the Admin view. .  This makes it an excellent option for small teams doing large-scale events, mobilizations and fundraising campaigns.

Create, reach, inform, engage, and inspire your network of supporters!  With Broadcast, you can now craft and launch SMS, MMS, and video stories to promote events, drive volunteer recruitment, raise funds and more! 

Mass text solution Hustle

Scalability 2.0: Introducing Hustle Broadcast Texting 

Overview & A First Look

Built to best accommodate the seasonality of your outreach, Hustle Broadcast supports brands, educational institutions, advocacy groups, labor unions, and social justice entities in mass texting their communities via SMS, MMS, or Video Stories from trustworthy local numbers.  Broadcast users can target over 100K contacts per Broadcast with advanced targeting and segmentation, and can view and reply individually to responses from the Admin inbox.  With a history of working with large, complex organizations, Hustle is fully 10DLC compliant, ensuring optimal message delivery via the Hustle Experience Platform.  

What is Broadcast Messaging?

Before reading this article, did you know it was possible to share meaningful information privately with supporters of your cause without needing to send the same text repeatedly?  That’s broadcast messaging.  It’s the process of sending mass text messages to a large list of recipients all at once. It’s a faster way to share important announcements, invitations, reminders, and more within your network. 

Broadcast messages read just like regular texts from a dedicated local phone number.

First Look: Hustle Broadcast Messaging  

Broadcast messaging
Broadcast texting
Broadcast message
Mass text
Broadcast text messaging

Jesse Hassinger, Director of Product, on Hustle Broadcast:  

“As marketing and advocacy teams expand their text messaging strategies, they need easy-to-use tools to grow with them.  With Broadcast, Hustle is expanding its best-in-class product to help organizations drive more engaging conversations en masse, whether sending to 100 or 100,000.”

Send texts from 10DLC.  Switching from a shortcode to a local, 10-digit phone number saves time and operational costs and ensures your well-crafted messages get the attention of a known number. 

No surprise billing!  Hustle charges per outbound message, not per segment, giving  you more flexibility when sharing messages with the right amount of content.  We offer annual allowances instead of monthly limits for total flexibility (e.g. 1.2 million messages per year instead of 100K messages per month—no carrier fees.

Improved conversation  quality. Target over 100K contacts per broadcast (advanced segmentation), and leverage full message customizations:

  • Preview content before sending. 
  • View and reply to messages. 
  • Include memorable media (images, GIFs, Boomerangs).

P2P vs. Broadcast Messaging: What’s The Difference? 

If you’ve used Hustle’s peer messaging tools, you may be curious how Broadcast texting differs as an engagement companion to your organization.   The main difference is that Broadcast doesn’t allow personalized  video or voice messaging  (make and receive calls) when mass messaging audiences.  See a complete comparison to our peer-to-peer messaging tool below:

Hustle broadcast messaging

Hustle Broadcast Texting Key Features

  • Inbox to manage replies.
  • Integrations to upload new contacts into Hustle, and opt-out removals.
  • Target over 100K contacts per broadcast.
  • Target contacts by tag, custom field, and group.
  • Admins can preview broadcast messages before sending.
  • Admins can save drafts of their broadcast before sending.
  • MMS.
  • Hustle Stories (formerly known as Studio) Integration (add story links to messages).
  • 500 character limit.
  • Support for emojis.
  • Leads can initiate contact with organizations by messaging the local area number.

More features coming soon!

  • Admins can edit tags, notes & follow up comments, & lead name via inbox lead profile.
  • Rich targeting capabilities (did or did not receive broadcast message).
  • Admins can send themselves test messages.
  • Admins can include video clips in the body of their text message

“Is Broadcast texting  the  right choice for my organization?”

Contact us and let  us take the guesswork out of which Hustle tool is best for your organization’s unique needs, but in the meantime, here’s a shortlist of groups that are best suited for Broadcast:

  • New Texters.  Organizations that are new to texting and want to try it out without engaging a group of agents.
  • Smaller Teams. Broadcast is run by a designated admin from your team, making it  ideal for small, agile teams that don’t have large volunteer bases to do additional outreach.
  • Federated or Affiliate Based Organizations. Provide dedicated Broadcast without worrying about short codes to your locals or affiliates.

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Hustle is a technology partner that enables you to easily have hundreds or even thousands of personalized 1:1 conversations with your members and supporters over text; blast one-click announcements; and create engaging mobile videos and multi-media messages. 

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