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NSF Recap: Captivating Fans and Disrupting Turnover Using P2P

Earlier this month, we attended the National Sports Forum in Austin, TX, where we shared insightful discussions and gleaned valuable takeaways regarding audience engagement for disrupting turnover and breathing new life into sporting experiences. Like retention marketing best practices used in other commercial entertainment industries such as museums and amusement parks, many sporting events now incorporate conversational peer-based communication elements like text or video messaging into their communication strategies to continue driving retention and renewals throughout the seasons, especially following the impacts of the pandemic. One of this year’s central points of discussion at NSF was how peer-to-peer texting allows organizations more flexibility in their communication strategies by helping them slice through day-to-day multichannel “noise.” Instead of composing time-consuming emails or conducting phone outreach, now sports teams can quickly text thousands of fans in minutes. Upcoming events, membership renewals, special merch drops, and reminders for playoffs or annual tournaments are all examples of ways service and retention directors now employ fan engagement through peer-to-peer text.

When it comes to turning one-time visitors into lifelong fans, Hustle is a leader in modern tools for managing relationships with the people that matter most. Our peer-to-peer texting platform is built to drive one-to-one connections with fans and target audiences, letting them opt-in to sports networks early through personalized engagement that nurtures interest and action at scale. 

Human-Powered Texting for Sports Fan Engagement 

P2P text and video messaging empower organizations to stay connected with fans, enhance live experiences and bring followers closer to the action through a personalized approach to sports fan engagement. Check out some of the features of Hustle’s platform that allow athletic organizations to grow audience intelligence, strengthen relations, and mobilize action through human-powered texting:

Advanced Targeting: Target audiences based on their interactions with previous messages.

Reliability: We strive for 99.9% platform uptime.

Scalability: Manage dozens of conversations in minutes using Response Scripts to address the most common responses. Saved scripts, advanced analytics, goal duplication, and goal result targeting allow organizations to scale programs to audience size.

MMS: Add dimension and allure to your visuals. Hustle supports SMS, MMS (Gifs, JPEGs, PNG files), and Voice (Agents can make and receive calls from the Mobile App).

Hustle Studio: Hustle Studio’s a peer-to-peer video messaging tool within our communication suite offering the unique opportunity to create more immersive, informative, and overall engaging experiences for sports fans through personalized video messaging.

Timing Reports: Know when your audience responds to your messages.

Send Full-Length Messages: Organizations can send longer messages with Hustle that meet brand guidelines as needed at no additional cost. Send complete thoughts with full-length messages up to 500 characters in length from real humans, instead of robotic salutations and precious characters used for required opt-out language. 

Security and Compliance: To keep your data safe, we’re SOC-2 compliant.

Create  Unforgettable Moments with  P2P Text and Video Messaging  

Hustle helps you treat fans like valued guests. Drive ticket sales by sharing emotional content, hot offers, important reminders, or other fan favorites like new stats and broken records through America’s #1 preferred communication channel and intensify personal relationships with your fans today.

Let’s start a conversation about P2P, and how Hustle can solve unique communication issues facing your organization. It’s time to start turning text into action!

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