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P2P Campaigning Tools: Essential for Robust Political Organizing

Happy President’s Day, Hustlers!  Today we’re delving deeper into P2P text messaging as a campaign tool and why political organizations seek its use to drive personal, authentic conversations that strengthen relationships within communities.  We work with field and campaign managers across the country who agree that specific tools in 2022 are essential to driving successful movements from start to finish, particularly as we continue traversing the unforeseen impacts of the global pandemic. Now more than ever, an organization’s go-to outreach tools must serve as extensions of a candidate’s abilities to engage surrounding communities and implement positive change. If not, it’s time to consider expanding your strategy to include more of the channels supporters use regularly. Hustle’s here to help.  Our conversational peer-based messaging platform empowers teams to engage with their universe of contacts through two-way personalized text and video messaging.   

Traditional campaign tactics like lawn signs, newspaper ads, phone banking, and door-to-door canvassing still help candidates nurture engagement along the campaign trail, but many progressive platforms like that of Sarah McBride (DE), Nikema Williams (GA), and Jay Inslee (WA) leverage Hustle’s two-way communication platform into their outreach strategies to enhance various aspects of their campaigns while driving action at scale.

“We chose Hustle because the platform was user-friendly. It was an essential tool that helped us leverage sophisticated targeting across our organizing program, which helped us win 90% of the vote in our primary, and ultimately led to Sarah winning her seat in Delaware’s state senate.”

                              – Phoebe Lucas, McBride Campaign Manager McBride Campaign

What Effective Communication Tools Do 

  • Connect: Allow for smoother, more transparent communication with target audience members. 
  • Plan: Create more opportunities to proactively communicate, recruit, and organize events. 
  • Help Each Other: Increase opportunities to connect over issues that impact the quality of life. 

Core Campaign Tool Requirements  

  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Agility and flexibility in the face of campaign strategy change. 
  • Supporter outreach and volunteer engagement from one platform.
  • Consistent and intentional promotion of campaign values and mission.

Hustle Helps You:

  • Send information and updates about necessary precautionary measures to at-risk populations.
  • Send information about Covid-19 testing locations and protocols.
  • Set up a 10-digit phone number hotline for constituents to text in questions.
  • Manage 2-way conversations with constituents.
  • Overall wellness checks, fundraising initiatives, and relief program distributions. 

Here are some of the many campaign aspects Hustle delivers:

  • ID / Perusaian 
  • Volunteer Recruitment 
  • GOTV (vote by mail, early vote)
  • Fundraising
  • Event Recruitment
  • Mail Chase 
  • Election Day 

Key Hustle Features:

  • Goal Results Texting: Targets contacts marked with a result from a previous goal or target contacts based on if they did/did not respond.
  • Draft Goal Duplication: Duplicates draft goals within the same group or across different groups.
  • Saved  Scripts: Save scripts and utilize them across Goals. 
  • Advanced Analytics:  Evaluate high-level stats for groups and statistics for your agents. 

Confidently Campaign  with Human-Powered Texting and Drive Authentic Engagement At Scale 

Hustle isn’t a “bot blasting” system. We’re a conversational peer-based communication platform powered  by people,  for people, and we’re proud to support progressive political organizations nationwide with our dynamic conversational tools designed to meet each of their unique communication needs head-on by amplifying conversations with the people that matter most to success.  If you have  any questions about  peer-to-peer political text and video messaging,  we’re here to help. Contact us today!

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