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Strategic Fundraising: Essentials for Captivating Text Messages

Peer-to-peer text and video messaging for fundraising

Is fundraising an art or a science? Perhaps the answer oscillates between the two, but one thing’s certain no matter what; fundraising through conversation peer-based text messaging is a vehicle, transporting organizations between pitching donation asks, raising money, and ultimately, closing fundraising goals. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 “Nonprofit text messaging audiences grew by 26%.”* As the world changes, so should your peer-to-peer communication strategy and the compelling fundraising messages to keep your audience engaged and active.

If your organization is not using a peer-to-peer texting platform in your outreach strategy, it’s time to consider this agile and authentic channel for engaging supporters at scale. If your organization uses Hustle’s conversational peer-based texting platform, make the most of each text message with the following tips.

Fundraising Messaging Essentials

Focus on Messaging, Not Offers
Your work is important, and to continue, your organization needs long-term relationships with supporters. Steering your messaging away from issuing constant offers enables your organization to build a relationship built upon the constant exchange of personalized information instead of only reaching out during those times of need.

Hustle Message:

Offer: “Join us Saturday for the Annual Fundraiser! Show this text message at the door, and we will discount 20% of your ticket price. See you there!”
Talk To Folks One-on-One
Diversify your greetings and directly engage with supporters to help distinguish your organization while increasing the likelihood your supporter will gift again.

Use the Fundraising Message to Create a Relationship

Strategize for Mobile Donations
Calculate your fundraising messages with care. Hustle’s conversational peer-based communication platform gives groups the ability to text 1,000 people in 1 hour and connect with 15% of them or roughly 150 people.
More Fundraising Messaging Tips

Offer thought leadership from your organization
Consider the supporter’s journey with the organization
Specifics equal impact.

Fundraising through peer-to-peer text messaging is the driving force behind many nonprofit, political campaigns, and advocacy groups today.

When carefully crafted, words are powerful tools for resonating, connecting, and mobilizing audience members. Success can hinge on a single message when you take a thoughtful and more personal approach to your audience. It may be time for a messaging refresh if you’re using the same scripts repeatedly.

P2P Text: A Smarter Fundraising Solution

Hustle helps you reach supporters on their mobile devices. On the go or at home, mobile devices are now always on. Not only that, but texting is the #1 preferred communication channel in America over email and traditional phone. Text is the champion communication channel because it’s a quick and easy way to communicate, raise funds, and solve problems. Compelling fundraising messages that follow the above guidelines fuel authentic conversations which build relationships and nurture successful fundraisers.

The Hustle conversational peer-based messaging platform, including enhanced video messaging, empowers organizations to have personal, authentic conversations that strengthen relationships with their community of supporters and satisfy fundraising goals. Before your next fundraiser, let’s talk about how texting can help turn talk into money.

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