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Text engagement tips for labor organizers

Studies show that 83% of all US adults use a cell phone and 73% of them regularly send and receive text messages. So for organizers looking to increase their reach among union members, texting can be a great way to reach your intended audience. This is especially relevant for groups like unions, which often need to share important information in a time-sensitive manner. 

By utilizing tools like Hustle, your organization can build deeper relationships with your audiences, get feedback and identify priorities, and make sure that people are informed when they need to be. With Hustle, you can even send a personalized video clip to take the conversation to the next level, put a face to a name, or tell a story – all in a text message chat. 

Below, we’ve unpacked some of the most attention-grabbing, engaging openers to make sure your members and community are in the know, and prepared.

Labor & Unions

Union organizers are constantly jumping through hoops, overcoming barriers, and standing on the front lines to advocate for their members. But reaching those members and making sure they have what they need doesn’t need to act as an inhibitor. By leaning into text openers like the ones below, you can deepen engagement with members wherever they are.

Share updates on contract negotiations.
“Hi [NAME], [YOUR NAME] here from [UNION]. I wanted to let you know that your reps will be meeting on [DATE] to discuss contract negotiations. Do you have any questions for me before the meeting takes place?”

Remind members to participate in union votes.
“Hi [NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] with [UNION], just reminding you to participate in our upcoming union vote on [DATE] at HQ!”

Invite members to join upcoming rallies.
“Hi [NAME], this is [YOUR NAME], reaching out from [UNION]. Our next rally is this Saturday. Here’s a clip from our last rally in [LOCATION]! Will we see you there? [VIDEO CLIP]”

TIP: Include a short video from your last rally to drum up excitement about the next one

Remind members to check in with their rep.
“Hi [NAME], [YOUR NAME] here reaching out from [UNION]! We’re checking in to make sure folks are up to date and able to properly share their needs. Have you checked in with your rep lately?“

Share union wins & national news.
“Hi [NAME]! This is [YOUR NAME] with [UNION] – I wanted to update you ASAP that our latest contract changes have been approved! We’re excited to keep supporting you and fellow members with these new terms.”

When crafting a successful outreach campaign, everything from choosing a channel to creating materials takes effort and strategy. Above all, it’s essential to create a personal connection with your community in the process. In doing so, you’ll not only increase the likelihood of garnering their support, but also build loyalty along the way. These small touch points can make all the difference between a successful conversation, or opt-out, and even a vote or gaining a new member. And by using Hustle to reach your audience, you can use simple text messages as a powerful relationship-building tool to meet your goals.

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