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The Art of Eventing: Organize, Promote, and Manage with Conversational Text Messaging

Events, in many cases, are the best way to understand the landscape ahead of a cause-based organization’s work. Whether in-person or virtual, attending events gives your audience insight and credibility to the work that you do, the cause, and the heart of the movement. Events have always been and will always be a place to educate, advocate, and mobilize action in the masses. But now we find ourselves in the wake of COVID-19, and while the world is reopening, events are suspended in limbo questioning whether or not it’s safe to be in-person sharing physical space with others again. This presents unique obstacles for organizations looking to press play on their event calendars in Q3 and Q4. Right now, whether your support base calls for in-person events, virtual events, or a hybrid of the two, peer-to-peer text and video enables groups to reemerge from COVID-19 by engaging supporters instantly through a human-to-human connection at scale.

Hustle’s peer-to-peer texting and video platform empowers organizations to easily organize and promote events, regardless of their format, to their supporters on America’s #1 preferred communication channel. Contacting target audiences in a way they want to be reached helps Hustle customers slice through the daily noise of email and phone calls to intensify personal relationships and promote events with continual engagement. Hustle empowers organizations to have the right conversation with the right people at the right time.

Moreover, more and more peer-to-peer fundraisers are embracing text as an important communication and marketing channel. Every day, Hustle enables organizations to easily converse via text and video with large numbers of supporters. Download our latest whitepaper, Leveraging Personalized Text Messaging to Enhance Peer-to-Peer Fundraising to read about the advantages of conversational text, examples of how it works, and 5 key takeaways to leverage P2P Text for P2P Fundraising.

“Texting helps us connect with and touch our supporters in a different way. In the peer-to-peer space, relationships are the main thing we’re trying to build. This is a tool to help us build those relationships.” — Noel Beebe, Senior Director for Digital Fundraising and Constituent Event for the Alzheimer’s Association

In the wake of 2020, the way organizations manage events is different, but the best way to reach supporters for event involvement remains the same. If anything, the past year has brought us all closer to our mobile devices as a constant stream of information regarding people, places, events, and issues held closest to our hearts. Hustle is the first compliant peer-to-peer text and video platform built for event promotion through one-to-one connection, engagement, and action at scale.

Foster Moments of Impact With Peer-to-Peer Text

“For the organizations with whom we partner, adding Hustle to our communications mix has increased engagement, reinstated donors, enhanced revenue in other channels, and even triggered gifts of $1,000 or more. For organizations who are serious about focusing on donor-centric strategies, I’d enthusiastically recommend Hustle as the right way to level up your current efforts.” — Chrissy Hyre, Vice President of Fearless Mobile Strategies

Hustle is the premiere conversational platform ready to use with a single-day implementation, enabling customers to focus on having strategic conversations that turn text or video into action. With so many groups facing adaptive challenges in event production, now is the time to be a trailblazer in your organization. Reimagine event outreach and promotion with conversational text messaging and video. Troubleshoot questions, promote registration, recruit volunteers, secure donations, send important reminders, and in the process, intensify personal relationships with those that matter the most to your cause and mission.

Two-Way Texting for Event Promotion

Picking up where your event calendar left off pre-COVID can be easier than anticipated with secure, flexible tools at your disposal. Below are a few ways peer-to-peer text and video can help during your next event:

  • Audience or Volunteer Segmentation
  • Clean Contact List
  • Collect audience Intel
  • Convey Needs
  • Content Promotion
  • Event Registration and/or RSVP
  • Event Organization Coordination
  • Increase Attendance
  • Measure Interest
  • Registration Coordination
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Volunteer Management

Let Hustle help you get more out of your next event. If you have any questions about peer-to-peer texting or video, be it in-person or virtual, contact us today.

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