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Top Tips for Growing Your Mobile List

When organizations are looking to expand their text-messaging programs, it can be challenging to grow your cell phone number list with new and existing members. As powerful as peer-to-peer text messaging is, your program will not reach its full scope if you don’t have your target audiences’ mobile numbers. As someone looking to expand your text message outreach, you may be asking yourself: “How do I start collecting mobile phone numbers?”

Luckily, there are easy things that you can do to start growing your list of mobile numbers organically:

1. Ask for mobile numbers on your organization’s website

If your organization has a website that’s driving people to sign up and get involved, you should absolutely start asking for mobile numbers here! To ensure you are capturing the number, make it a required field on your sign-up form!

2. Ask for mobile numbers in your email campaigns

If your organization is already communicating with your members and supporters via email, use that as a way to begin collecting mobile numbers.

Create a short form to collect mobile information and include it in your next email newsletter. Try using casual language to get folks involved like: “Sign up here and we’ll text you about events, updates, and more!”

Continue to make the ask in all of your emails—the more times you ask the more mobile phone numbers you’ll receive!

3. Ask for mobile numbers on your social media accounts

Does your organization have a social media account? Ask your followers for their mobile numbers via social media!

Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok—social media platforms enable you to reach your followers easily! Use this post to ask for their mobile numbers.

Create a photo or GIF with a link to a short form. Remember to keep your form as simple as possible and make mobile number a required field. Upload this to social media, and watch your list grow!

Be sure to post the link on your social media accounts regularly so that you’re always collecting mobile numbers from your existing and new followers.

4. Collect mobile numbers through Facebook Ads

Targeted ads are a great way to reach folks that are passionate about the issues your organization is tackling. Whether you’re asking folks to take action by signing a petition or using ads to inform them about upcoming legislation—take that next step and capture their mobile information as well!

5. Collect mobile numbers through event sign-ups

Inviting members to an upcoming event or webinar? Include a mobile number field in the event sign-up form! Not only will you have their phone number, you can also send them a text with an event reminder.

6. Provide incentives to those who sign up for texts

Have a walk/run coming up with a registration fee? Or some cool merch to promote your cause? Offer a discount for folks that sign up to receive texts!

Freebies work great, too! Offer to send a sticker, key chain, or something small to folks that sign up to receive texts from your organization.

7. Collect mobile phone numbers while tabling

Tabling at an event, checking folks in at a community meeting, or attending a conference with a booth? Ask for mobile numbers there!

Tabling is a great way to kick-off in-person conversations with folks interested in your organization. Then, send them a follow-up via text to keep the conversations going. Wherever you have foot traffic and a sign-in form—you should always be asking for mobile phone numbers.

Small changes like requiring the mobile number on your forms can have a significant impact on growing your list of numbers. The sooner you start collecting those numbers the sooner you can reach people where they prefer to communicate, on their phones.

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