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Stories of Impact

Mark Kelly for Arizona US Senate

Mark Kelly for Arizona US Senate

“I look forward to being your partner as we continue to grow Arizona’s role in national defense and space technology.”


In Arizona, progressive groups have gained ground in recent years. As of July 2021, Democrats comprise 31% of the state’s registered voters, with 34% republican and 32% other. For AZ government officials like Mark Kelly, a former astronaut, and retired Navy captain, one key to engaging and persuading voters is personal, authentic connections derived from people-powered conversations with community members. 


Facilitating campaign messaging and trying to contact AZ audiences through exhausted communication channels already occupied by competitors, businesses, and organizations, Kelly needed an uncomplicated tool for slicing through the noise of the other mediums to reach voter attention. 


Kelly went on to defeat  Senator Martha McSally ®.   His organization sent approximately 53,000 messages to 31,000 voters and had a 22% response rate.  Flipping the US Senate seat was vital to Democrats’ effort to regain control of the Senate.

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