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Stories of Impact

Nikema Williams for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District

Nikema Williams for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District

Whether they have lost their jobs, they cannot get the healthcare they deserve, or they are working several full-time jobs, the Democratic Party will fight for them.”


Not all superheroes wear capes. Nikema Williams is a beacon of insight and leadership for affordable healthcare, funding education, voter rights, and more. Member of the Georgia State Senate for District 39 and chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Nikema is the first woman to represent Georgia’s 5th Congressional District. 


Communication channels like phone, email, and traditional mail are open, but do they effectively reach all contacts in a given universe of contacts? In Williams’ case, the team needed inventive ways to utilize the people-powered resources to reach and engage with voters to GOTV.


By using the Hustle platform, Nikemas’ team efficiently and effectively reached her entire universe of voters and hosted texting parties to generate interest, sending 74,637 texts to 52,478 constituents, with over a 12% response rate.

“We found the Hustle platform easy to use, and the technology allowed our campaign to reach a big part of our universe of voters. Our campaign relied on texting because it is an innovative and efficient way to reach voters.” Maria Andreade, Nikema Williams Campaign Manager


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