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Stories of Impact

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

“Let’s reunite  and rebuild.”


Pennsylvania has long been a battleground state, and in this 2020 Election, the country watched as it turned blue! Organizations like the Pennsylvania Democratic Party played a significant role in continuing to push the political needle of change in favor of Democratic candidates “at every level and in every corner of the commonwealth.”


The Pennsylvania Democratic Party continuously seeks new ways to keep voters involved and engaged. The problem facing their organization was finding an unsophisticated tool that could “stretch” and be used to drive several outreach objectives at once without jeopardizing security or audience connection.   

The Pennsylvania Democratic party used Hustle for ballot chase, volunteer recruitment, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) 2020.  The party sent 436k messages to 255k voters and had a 29% response rate.  Hustle salutes the work of the PA Democratic Party, organizers, community leaders, and voters who made this victory possible.


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